I went to Cayo Cruz, a trendy destination in Cuba, and here are my impressions

Cayo Cruz is a trendy destination to spend your holidays this winter in Cuba ! Being part of the Jardines del Rey archipelago in the northeast of Cuba, on the Atlantic side, people go there to bask on its white sand beaches and swim in its turquoise waters .

This region is well known for its resort islands: Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and a little further, Cayo Santa Maria. Cayo Cruz is now accessible by a recently built road, thus expanding the offer of all-inclusive hotels in Cuba .

Things to do in Cayo Cruz
Obviously, we go to the Cayos to relax. From Cayo Cruz, you can opt for all kinds of excursions: catamaran rides, deep-sea fishing, visit to the town of Moron, Jeep safari in the Cayos… But don’t feel obliged to move, you’re on vacation , after all!

How to get to Cayo Cruz, Cuba?
Cayo Cruz is located approximately 1 hour from the Cayo Coco airport. Several direct flights reach your destination from Montreal or Quebec, and once there, your hotel offers a shuttle service to cover the remaining distance.

Hotels in Cayo Cruz
About 12 hotel properties are expected on the small island of Cayo Cruz in the next few years, but here are two great hotels now on site: Valentin Cayo Cruz and Hotel La Marina Plaza & Spa .

Valentin Cayo Cruz
The Valentin Cayo Cruz is part of the chain of the same name, renowned for its excellent service, for adults only. With its 524 deluxe rooms, 22 suites, 3 swimming pools, 4 à la carte restaurants and numerous bars, you will have plenty to be comfortable during your stay.

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The rooms are clean, modern and very spacious. The white sand beach, more accessible at low tide, turquoise water as far as the eye can see and enough entertainment to never get bored… what more do you want? A wireless internet network? They have it, for a few extra bucks per hour!

Enough to make your friends on Instagram jealous with beautiful photos

Hotel La Marina Plaza & Spa
Hotel La Marina Plaza & Spa offers a different concept, a few steps from Valentin. Smaller and more boutique-style, the property has only 60 rooms and above all offers vacationers a zen place to relax.

There are 2 swimming pools, a spa, 2 specialized restaurants and a Pueblito , that is to say a small village with shops, discotheque and bowling alley (entrance fee not included).

Access to the beach, 600 meters away, is via a path. It is possible to have access to certain services of the neighboring resort for an additional fee.
Cayo Cruz is a destination still under development, but if you like new hotels and sparsely populated beaches, only 4 hours flight from Montreal, I highly recommend this destination.

This trip was made possible thanks to Transat AT and Valentin Cayo Cruz.